Special Features of GBIBA Conferences

1. Members:

Members of Scientific and review committee, and advisory board are genuine and not fake unlike many other conferences ( Please see GRIBA Advisory Board Member)

2. Legal Status:

It is established under approval from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) – a body of Federal Government of Australia and it has only one location and operates legally from Australia. It submits annual report yearly and Business activity rep[ort (BAS) to Australian Taxation Office. Our name, address and contact details are well mentioned. The Australian Business Number (ABN) of GRIBA is 20 600 582 018.

3. Manuscript submission Process:

Authors are required to prepare the abstract and/or dull paper as per guidelines and then   submit paper without any personal details. Information  about personal details and affiliation of the author and coauthors are provided in a separate page. We do not allow more than one paper by one author.

4. Manuscript Review Process:

All conference papers are double blind reviewed by the reviewers who are expert in their field. Every reviewer must have Ph.D degree and published paper in credible print journal published by reputable publishers. We accept papers only from post-graduate and/or university academics. We do not accept any papers other than recognized universities or institutions 

5. Session or Track Chairing:

All track chairs must be associated with recognized institutions and universities and must have Ph.D degree . In addition, they need have publication record in credible international journals which are indexed by the international reputed organizations such as ISI, Scopus, DoAJ etc.  All session chairs must have Ph.D degree and is required to submit a written review report to the conference coordinator on each paper presented  as soon as the session is over. 

6. Designated Discussant/Commentator 

We engage designated discussant for each paper and he/she is supplied the paper at least one week before the commencement of the conference. Moreover, participants are encouraged to provide feed back at the session.  

7. Conference Track

We organize conferences  only in business  disciplines such as accounting, banking, economics, finance, management and marketing. This is done to promote interdisciplinary research.

8. Written Feedback Reports after conference;

All participating author is provided with written feedback report ( which are prepared on the basis of pre-acceptance report and feedback received in the session) unlike most of the  other conferences 

9. Publication of Proceedings

Griba publishes conference proceedings with ISBN and each paper is edited professionally before they are uploaded in dedicated website. Authors are also provided with hard copy of the conference before the commencement of the conference. All proceeding papers are digitally preserved for at least ten year.

10. Publication of Journals

Griba does not publish any journal and in not linked with any predatory journal. Journals listed or indexed by highly regarded international organizations are always welcome to join us as affiliated journal. We do not provide any false promise that the paper will be published in any journal. We just forward the outstanding papers to the concerned affiliated journals and they take independent decisions about the acceptance of the journal.

11. Conference Registration Fees:

We are not charity house and our operation involves huge expenses. These cost are related to (a) venue hire, lunch and/dinner cost, coffee break food, tea and coffee, conference materials such as conference bag, name tag and badges, pen and paper, hiring of AV equipment such as data projector, screen and laptop. In addition, there are advertisement and admin cost which constitute at least 20% of the total conference cost. These are factored in while setting the registration fee. The registration fee which varies from venue to venue and country to country must cover these expenses. Conference dinner and social events, if any, is linked with actual cost and no profit or financial benefit is derived from these events.

12. Conference in Multiple Locations:

We do organize conferences in multiple locations due to the fact that authors  from various countries various countries one or more of the following problems:

  • Visa denial or restriction
  • Restrictions or shortage of fund to finance overseas trips

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